Understand Brand Strength With Moz Pro – Next Level


Now that you know your Brand Authority score, how can you supplement this data with your Moz Pro Campaign? Before we dive in and explore, it’s highly recommended that you take some time to set up brand rules within your Campaign settings.

So, what are brand rules in Moz Pro, anyway? What are they used for, and why should we set them up? Within Moz Pro, brand rules allow you to set parameters for how the tool identifies and tags branded keywords within your Campaign. This also helps estimate the amount of traffic you are receiving from non-branded visits.

The first brand rule for your Moz Pro Campaign is automatically created based on the name of your Campaign at the time of creation. When going through the Campaign setup flow, you’ll be asked: What’s the name of your brand? This information will be used as the name of your Campaign and as your first brand rule, allowing the tool to start identifying your branded keywords right away.


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