The Secret 6: Here’s what everyone’s searching for on Fiverr


The Secret 6: Here’s what everyone’s searching for on Fiverr

Here it is! Fiverr’s Top Trending Search report for Q1!

In this report, you will find everything you need to know about top trending searches on the Fiverr platform.

Optimize Conversions with Fiverr’s Top Trends Report 

2023 is off to a fantastic start, and with the release of our new Trends Report for Q1, it just got better!

Fiverr’s Top Trends Report is based on data from our internal analysis which reveals key insights into the latest trends on the platform.

By using this information to inform your Affiliate Marketing strategy, you can promote the top-selling Fiverr services to increase your conversion rate and boost your revenue.

Higher conversions = higher commission = higher earnings. It’s just that simple!

Let’s take a look at the top 6 trends for Q1 of 2023!

Website Design

Successful businesses know that a professional website is the key to differentiating yourself in a competitive market. As a reflection of your brand, an expertly designed site is a great way to ensure the customer journey is seamless. Help your audience start the year off strong with a powerful website created by one of Fiverr’s professional web designers.

Voice Over

There’s nothing that makes a lasting impact better than a professional voice over to compliment an engaging video. From explainers and how-to’s, to animations, podcasts, and product reviews, high-quality voice overs by Fiverr freelancers are the perfect way for your audience to make sure their content gets noticed, resonates with the viewer, and is remembered for all the right reasons.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

A key component of any digital marketing strategy, SEM is a great way to get your offering seen by the right people at the right time. With the help of Fiverr’s experienced SEM professionals, your audience can get the most out of their online campaigns and make sure their digital marketing is optimized for search engine success.

Articles & Blog Posts

Nothing speaks louder than the written word. Engaging content is still king. Crafting compelling articles and blog posts remains one of the most efficient ways to reach and convert an audience. Fiverr’s freelance content writers can help your audience create well-researched, optimized blog posts and articles that are sure to capture their ideal customer’s attention.

Research & Summaries

Sound research is the foundation of any successful project. Whether it’s for market research, an industry report, an upcoming novel, or a comprehensive summary of the latest findings in a specific field, Fiverr’s freelance researchers have the expertise to provide your audience with the reliable, up-to-date information they need in an easily digestible format.

Business Plans

A new year brings new opportunities, and every budding entrepreneur needs a business plan that can help them get their vision off the ground. Fiverr’s freelance business plan writers can help aspiring business owners create a powerful and professional plan, empowering them to attract investors, secure funding, and launch their brand-new business with confidence.

And that’s it for now, folks! Our top 6 search trends for Q1 of 2023!

Not sure how to make the most of Fiverr’s Top Trends Report?

Use this valuable data to inform your Affiliate Marketing strategy by promoting Fiverr’s top-selling services according to the trends of the quarter. With Fiverr’s talented freelance professionals, you can help your audience make 2023 their best year yet! Remember, the more relevant the services you promote, the higher your conversions will be, and the more revenue you’ll see coming in!

Ready to make this the best quarter yet?

Simply create your affiliate links, add them on your platform, and start promoting.

Fiverr Affiliate Links

There are two kinds of affiliate links:

  • Homepage links that lead to Fiverr’s homepage.
  • Deep links lead to specific pages on Fiverr, which means any page except the homepage. That includes service, a Gig page, a Seller’s page, or in our case a search query page.

How to create deep links:

  1. Log in to your affiliate account.
  2. At the menu on the left side of your dashboard, you’ll see the little megaphone, where you’ll find the Marketing Tools category. Open that up and select Default and deep links.
  3. Copy the URL of the specific search query page or the specific sub-category page of the trend you want to promote.
  4. Click LP URL at the top right of the screen. See the nifty little field that popped up? That’s where you’ll paste the link you copied. 

Now, you need to make a decision and choose whether you go with the CPA or Hybrid plan.

With Fiverr CPA links, you can direct your followers to Fiverr and earn a fixed commission of $15-150 per first-time buyer, depending on which service they buy.

With Fiverr Hybrid links, you’ll direct your followers to Fiverr for a fixed commission of $10 for any first-time buyer, plus earn 10% of every purchase they make for the next 12 months.

  1. Whichever plan you choose, copy the link, paste it into your content, and share it with your followers.
  2. If you’ve got multiple content channels, that’s great! Add tracking codes to each link to assess the performance of your sources individually and determine which of your platforms earns the most conversions.
  3. Simply apply the Tracking Code option under Dynamic Parameters in the Default and Deep Links tab in your Marketing Tools, and type in the tracking code you’d like to add to the link you’re creating.

Gig Ads Widget

Fiverr Gig Ads is a feature that showcases Fiverr services through a user-friendly and intuitive widget. With Fiverr Gig Ads, you will enrich your website’s content with a carousel of Fiverr’s best-converting Gigs and earn more commissions through affiliate sales.

  1. From your Fiverr Affiliate’s dashboard, go to “Marketing Tools. Then, click on the “Gig Ads Widget” tab.
  2. From there, you can customize your Gig carousel as per your needs. The preview on the right side will show the final result before publishing the widget on your website.
  3. When you’re finished, click on the “Embed Code” button to copy the code and embed it on your website.

That’s it; you’re set and ready to earn!

Make sure to place the links in a strategic place on your platform which can attract the most visitors and generate lots of traffic. Whenever one of your followers clicks on them and then makes an order on Fiverr, commissions are sent your way. Just like that.

Are you still here? 

Then it’s time to get to work.


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