The maverick and the status quo


The future isn’t the same as the past. Technology develops, systems change and most of all, someone cares enough to make things better.

The maverick isn’t the selfish gunslinger of myth. In fact, she’s focused on resilient, useful interactions that change what we expect, pushing back against the inertia of gobbledygook and bureaucracy.

Some principles to keep in mind:

  • While it may seem reserved for the young, people of any age can choose the maverick path. It tends to skew younger because it’s exhausting and because changing the status quo can cause discomfort to those that change and those that are changed. Once someone is comfortable enough, it might be easier to stand by.
  • Hustle is rarely the most useful action. Systems are built to resist short-term hurried effort. But patient, persistent and focused effort can pay off.
  • Solo quests make good Westerns or legends, but almost all systems change is the result of teams of people, organized and connected in service of the longer goal.
  • Sticky ideas that are built on the network effect dramatically outperform urgent media moments.
  • Change begins with the smallest viable audience, not the largest possible one.
  • Urgency defeats emergency.

The world is topsy turvy and yet, this is as normal as it’s ever going to be again. We need your leadership.


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