The magic of a page a day


In 1979, the page-a-day calendar was born. It’s basically a book on its side, but the user rips off a page each day.

My friend Michael Cader took this concept and ran with it, creating calendars that sold millions of copies.

Of course, everyone knows what day it is, and if you really need to know the date, well, that’s pretty easy to find as well.

So why spend $20 on a block of pulped wood that tells you something you already know?

It’s the combination of presence and tension.

The presence of holding today’s message in your hand. “Bummer of a birthmark, Hal!” It’s today’s insight, and it’s real, right here and right now.

And the tension of not knowing what tomorrow’s will be, and realizing that looking ahead isn’t part of the deal.

I’ve always treated this blog as aspiring to a bit of page a day magic. The process of writing it gradually and having people read it that way is part of the appeal.

So, when Michael asked me to (finally, forty + years later) make my very own calendar, it was thrilling. And this is the first printed one I know of that includes videos.

You can pre-order one today. You’ll get it in plenty of time for January 1. No fair peeking ahead.


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