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In action movies, there’s a lot of leaping. Brave shifts in which the hero gets from here to there, all at once.

It’s easy to imagine that sudden leaps are how we make our impact.

This is blog post #9000 (give or take).

When did the leap happen?

It wasn’t an external leap. The first hundred blog posts were read by fewer than a dozen people.

It was an internal one. The decision to be a blogger. And then redeciding, each day, not to stop.

Every four years, we have a worldwide holiday to celebrate this sort of leap. The leap of choice. Not to suddenly get from here to there, but to choose to go on the journey.

It’s only once every 1,460 days, you can do it.

Leap today.

Perhaps we begin by visualizing it. In the most concrete terms you can find, write it down. If you took a leap today, what would it look like? Who would benefit?

And then, share it with just one other person.

Often, the act of physically writing it down is the most difficult part.

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