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And those are the two challenges of anyone seeking to make an impact.

First, we get distracted by the inclination to make the group as big as we can imagine. After all, the change is essential, the idea is a good one. It’s for everyone.

Except that’s a trap. Because a group that’s too large cannot be coherent or organized.

Or perhaps, we blink and settle for a group that’s too small. Change requires tension, and if our group is so small that it’s comfortable at all times, we are probably avoiding making an impact.

And well organized? That’s the persistent, generous work of creating the conditions for deep connection.

When in doubt, focus on how to organize the folks you already have. Find a way to give them the tools for them to tell the others. Build a resilient loop, one that gets more organized and powerful as you grow.

The right-sized group and ceaseless peer-to-peer organization are the foundation of culture change.


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