PW 2: Productivity in community


We need you.

But only if you need us. is six months old, and there are about a thousand of us now. It was an experiment, now it’s a useful tool.

The initiative hat is often ill-fitting. We rush to take it off and get back to doing chores.

And that’s why a community of practice is so powerful.

When we belong to a group that sees us, respects and is counting on us, the best sort of peer pressure arises.

Not to do the thing for others, but to do the best version we can for ourselves. Because our peers know we can.

About half the people who sign up for unsubscribe during the first week trial… we even put the unsubscribe instructions right on the sign up page. That’s an essential part of an actual community–eager enrollment in the journey. We need you if you need us.

Go organize a peer group on your own. Find three or ten or how many folks who will support you as you support them. Or consider Brainstorm Road or Story Republic. Find the others.

The hat will fit better.


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