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In an economy built on skill, knowledge, and attitude, the single most powerful way to improve your productivity is to learn something.

You put in the effort once and it pays off for decades.

There are more ways for an adult to learn now than at any time in our history, and all of it is self-driven. When you’re ready to level up, the door is open.

My classes on Udemy have been taken by more than 75,000 people and four of them are on sale for 25% off for the next few weeks, which rarely happens.

There’s a brand new one, a short course on how to understand the charts and graphs that explain how ideas spread. It’s $30 now. In 45 minutes or so, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the dynamics of cultural change.

The Bootstrapper’s course is the one with the highest ratings to date. A bootstrapper builds a project without outside investment, creating value for customers and growing as she goes. Like all the full-length courses here, it’s $139 this month.

The Marketing course is the most complete of all my Udemy courses. It starts with the basics and includes more than fifty lessons. Based on the bestselling book This is Marketing and the original Marketing Seminar, it will give you a chance to rethink how you bring your ideas to the people who need them.

And finally, The Freelancer’s course is here for independent creators of all kinds. More than 28,000 students so far. A freelancer isn’t a junior sort of entrepreneur. Instead, it’s a chance to do your best work for clients who need you. This course will change the way you approach your work.

If you can teach something, even to one person, I hope you will. And if you can learn something, this is the best time to start. (You can even learn to print with letterpress).


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