Link Building for Lawyers: 10 Strategies to Help You Win in SERPs


Avvo isn’t the only option. Here are a few legal directories worth looking into.

  • FindLaw

  • Justia

  • SuperLawyers

  • Avvo

A critical aspect to remember is consistency in your firm’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) across all directory profiles. This uniformity helps in signaling your legitimacy to search engines like Google.

3. Answer relevant questions on websites like HARO, Quora, and Avvo

A time-consuming but effective way to build backlinks, get referral traffic, and establish your E-E-A-T is to answer questions on HARO, Quora, and Avvo. They present a unique opportunity for lawyers to share expertise while promoting your law firm.

Consistently answering questions or providing insights on platforms like HARO can lead to backlinks from high-authority domains and news websites. Avvo also stands out for law firms as it’s tailored specifically for legal professionals. Anyone can ask questions, making it a great place to showcase your expertise.

To streamline this process, consider these tips:

  • Regularly monitor platforms: Dedicate weekly time to check platforms for relevant questions or requests.

  • Focus on your specialty: Stick to answering questions within your law firm’s practice areas to maintain relevance and authority.

  • Be authentic: Prioritize providing genuine advice and information over chasing a backlink. Authenticity and personality in your answers can set you apart.

  • Use tools: Use platforms like Sourcee, which aggregate journalist queries from HARO and others, to find relevant opportunities.

4. Claim your unlinked brand mentions

Unlinked brand mentions are a goldmine for law firms, representing potential backlinks from authoritative sites. These mentions are instances where your firm is referenced but not linked back to.

Use tools like Mention to track online references to your firm. Contact the content creator when you spot an unlinked mention, especially on a reputable site. Then, politely request them to add a link to the mention, explaining how it enhances their content and benefits their readers.

Here’s a template to get you started:

Subject: Quick Request Regarding Our Mention on [Website/Article Name]

Hi [Name/Website Admin],

I recently came across the mention of our law firm, [Your Law Firm’s Name], in your article titled “[Article/Post Title]” on [Website Name]. We’re honored that you thought to reference us in your content.

I noticed that there wasn’t a link attached to our mention, and I was wondering if you’d consider adding one. It would provide your readers with more context and enhance their experience.

I understand you’re busy, and I genuinely appreciate any help you could provide. Thank you for your time, and I’m here if you need more information about our firm or have any questions.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Position]

[Your Law Firm’s Name]

[Contact Details]

5. Leverage partnerships

Utilize the connections you’ve established in the legal space, such as with legal tech companies and other law firms, for link building. Reflect on your existing partnerships, from the CRM tool you use to the law firms you refer clients to. Each partner represents a potential source for backlinks, and many are open to the idea.

Consider expanding your network to new partnerships like legal journalism outlets. Tools like Buzzstream can streamline your outreach efforts, helping you find contacts and manage communications.

Other collaborative opportunities include:

  • Writing guest blogs for partner websites.

  • Providing testimonials for products or services you’ve had positive experiences with.

  • Collaborating on case studies with a legal tech provider.

6. Pursue legal awards and join associations

Winning legal awards can boost your law firm’s reputation and SEO. These awards often provide backlinks from their websites (typically authoritative and high DA) to their nominees and winners.

However, be cautious of ‘pay to play’ awards. While the promise of a quick backlink is tempting, paid links from awards with questionable authenticity often lack the same value as merit-based ones.

Consider targeting reputable legal awards, such as:

  • American Bar Association (ABA) Awards

  • American Association for Justice (AAJ) Awards

  • National Law Journal Legal Awards

  • State-specific Bar Association Awards

7. Create helpful and shareable content

Content creation is crucial for link building and improving SEO for law firms. Producing relevant, informative content can naturally earn backlinks. While blog posts are standard, diversifying content types can help you stand out.

Consider creating:

  • Videos answering common legal questions (like Trey Porter) to generate leads and backlinks.

  • Infographics that visually represent complex legal information.

  • Case studies to highlight your firm’s successes.

  • Detailed practice area pages.

  • Engaging webinars on relevant legal topics.

8. Do some manual outreach

While organic strategies are great, there’s value in proactively seeking out backlinks. If there’s a particular domain where competitors are earning backlinks, it might be worth reaching out to the website. While this approach generally has a low success rate, a well-crafted and highly personalized email can improve your chances.

Here’s a template to guide your outreach:

Subject: Enjoyed Your Article on [Specific Topic]; Let’s Collaborate?

Hello [Recipient Name],

I recently came across your piece on [Topic] and was impressed by [Reference to the article to show that you’ve read it]. I’ve written an article on [Topic] that could complement your work and benefit your readers. Would you consider linking to it?

Looking forward to a potential collaboration.


[Your Name]

Tools like can simplify finding the right contacts for scaling your email outreach.

9. Consider local sponsorships

Local sponsorships, such as supporting charities and community events, enhance your law firm’s community presence and attract valuable backlinks from .org sites and sponsored organizations.

Also, local media outlets could cover these events, leading to more geographically relevant backlinks. These local backlinks improve your SEO and visibility in local search results.

10. Share your success with the media

Many lawyers overlook the potential of the local media. But depending on your practice area and the nature of your cases, tapping into news coverage can provide visibility and backlinks.

Consider Yoav Niv, a criminal defense lawyer known for taking on cases that resonate with current events or challenge legal norms. His cases often attract media attention.

He maximizes this exposure by featuring the coverage in an ‘In the News’ section on his website, further amplifying the story.


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