Invite: Behind-the-scenes webinar for the new book


In two weeks, I’ll be hosting a live webinar about my new book, answering questions and connecting people to get serious in discussing the new way of work. The details are here. I hope you can make it.

It’s possible that I’ve now written more bestselling business titles than any other author. Part of that is simply longevity and showing up, but most of it is your doing. The loyal readers of this blog (more than twenty years and still going) are the foundation of my career as an author, and I never forget it.

The realities of the supply chain mean that my publisher needs to make difficult decisions about paper, printing and logistics long before the book ships. Organizing and talking with readers now helps make sure there are enough books in June… and hosting a conversation, QA and celebration always seems like a good idea. Pre-order a book, come hang out online.

I hope you can make it.

Thank you.


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