Finding the glitch | Seth’s Blog

Many moths are attracted to light. That works fine when it’s a bright moon and an open field, but not so well for the moths if the light was set up as a bug trap.

Processionary caterpillars follow the one in front until their destination, even if they’re arranged in a circle, leading them to march until exhaustion.

It might be that you have built a system for your success that works much of the time, but there’s a glitch in it that lets you down. Or it might be that we live in a culture that creates wealth and possibility, but glitches when it fails to provide opportunity to others or leaves a mess in our front yards.

The thrill-seeking behavior that allows someone to become a rock star might not be the method they need to keep their career going and to live a resilient and generative life…

Humans can do something moths can’t: when we find the glitch, we can work to do something about it.

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