Exclusive: 10 Top Trending Categories on Fiverr in 2024


Here it is! The much-awaited trending categories on Fiverr for the 1st quarter of 2024. This report summarizes Fiverr’s fastest and top-growing categories in 2024, based on the number of purchases made under each category. Check out the details below.

Boost Revenue with Fiverr’s Top Trends Report

2024 is a great year to launch and grow a business, thanks to the support of talented professionals like the ones you can find on Fiverr.

We’ve analyzed the data on our platform to develop the 2024 Fiverr Top Trends Report and give you key insights into the latest trends business owners use to get ahead.

You can use this information to determine the top-selling Fiverr categories to promote in your affiliate marketing strategy so you can optimize your conversion rates.

Let’s look at the top trends for 2024!

1. Shopify Marketing

Video content continues to reign supreme in attracting consumers. But it’s not just any kind of video that’s popular. Audiences favor UGC or user-generated content videos more than brand-created ones. They want to see real people demonstrating how to use a brand’s product. This includes product testimonials, unboxing videos, tutorials, behind-the-scenes, and comparison videos. UGCs promote authenticity, which customers can easily relate to.

2. Search Engine Marketing

Search engines remain a top method for online consumers to discover products and services. 68% of online experiences still begin with search, making search engine marketing a top Fiverr service. Brands need Fiverr professionals who know how to manage and optimize pay-per-click ads and get their products in front of the right customers.

3. Etsy Digital Products

As of April 2024, 62% of the world’s population is on social media. That’s a stunning 5.07 billion social media users that brands could reach with their product messaging. With social media platforms constantly introducing new trends and algorithm changes, working with top-vetted Fiverr professionals ensures businesses remain relevant and enjoy high engagement with every social media post.

4. Website Development

Dropshipping is a low-risk way to start an online business, and Fiverr’s freelancers can help entrepreneurs set up their shops quickly and efficiently. From creating a logo and setting up products to finding reliable suppliers and managing shipping, marketing, an customer support Fiverr’s dropshipping specialists can help your audience take their stores from concept to reality.

5. Architecture & Interior Design

People want beautiful homes that will keep them relaxed and refreshed. Architects and interior designers are responsible for bringing this vision to life. To help clients visualize their work, they use 3D models. Fiverr is full of professionals who offer 3D architectural models and create stunning interior designs. Customers value the speed and creative vision of these professionals,  who have helped them tremendously in completing projects.

6. Industrial & Product Design

Products have to be user-friendly and functional for customers to patronize them. With the help of industrial and product designers, businesses can create highly successful items that differentiate them from their competitors. These Fiverr industrial and product designers help bring product ideas to life using high-quality sketches. Some will even create 3D prototypes and include market research in their services.

7. Book Publishing Segment

Almost one-third of e-books sold annually are self-published. Self-publishing is worth billions, but it’s tough to do alone. For this reason, self-published authors turn to Fiverr for help. There are thousands of Fiverr professionals offering various gigs related to book publishing. They can help format books for Amazon Kindle, copy edit, design book covers, and professionally format the book’s contents.

8. Music & Audio

Music and audio editing continue to be in demand as video contents rise and as artists discover more ways to self-release their singles. Podcasting also drives the demand for skillful audio editors who can clean up tracks by removing background noise, eliminating reverb or echoes, and adding background music. Fiverr offers a hassle-free way to edit and improve your music and audio with these dedicated services.

9. AI

AI is transforming every aspect of our society, and there’s a clamor for skilled individuals who can harness the power of AI for various tasks. Fiverr professionals offer all sorts of AI services, from developing an AI SaaS to writing bulk blog posts with generative AI and creating thousands of AI-generated images. As AI continues to develop, expect to see more of these professionals who have mastered the capabilities of this emerging technology.

10. Consulting

With the abundance of countless opportunities, aspiring entrepreneurs can easily lose their focus without the right guidance. Expert consultants know how to organize an entrepreneur’s vision so that it becomes easily executable. They can help create strategies to help their clients achieve their goals. Fiverr has countless consultants who can help with brand strategy, financial management, scaling a startup, and more. There are also life coaches who can keep entrepreneurs motivated when they start facing challenges.

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