Earn More with the New Fiverr Affiliate Program Commission Structure

Earn More with the New Fiverr Affiliate Program Commission Structure

Fiverr affiliates have something great to look forward to—exciting changes are on the horizon. Aside from offering new affiliate marketing tools, the Fiverr affiliates program is revamping its commission structure to boost the earning potential of all affiliates.

Affiliates can anticipate more personalized earnings with the new structure. Commissions will now be more closely aligned with the actual value generated by their referred users. This change strengthens Fiverr’s position as a leader in adapting to industry trends and helps ensure a mutually beneficial partnership with affiliates.

A Quick Peek at the Old Commission Structure

If you’ve been with Fiverr for some time, you’re probably already familiar with all the acronyms relevant to the program and the system it uses to calculate commissions. For new affiliates, here’s a quick rundown of the old commission structure.

Commissions on Fiverr are based on two factors: the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) of first-time buyers (FTB) and revenue from orders. The CPA commission was set at $15 to $150, depending on the service category where the FTB made its first purchase. The Revenue Share commission is a percentage of the order value for other purchases a referred user makes within 12 months. A combination of these two commissions is offered in Fiverr Hybrid.

New Fiverr Commission Plans

While the previous commission plans had a tiered approach that provided higher commissions for specialized categories, the new Fiverr commission plans are now based on purchase values. Here’s what affiliates can expect when the new structure rolls out:


CPA will now be calculated as 25% of the FTB amount plus 10% RevShare of all other orders, excluding FTB, for 12 months.

Compared to the old structure, where the CPA was based on a fixed amount between $15 and $150, this new system is based on buyer actions. Aside from being more dynamic, it also provides higher earning potential for affiliates who drive purchases to higher-priced items. Although there is a maximum limit of $500 for CPA, the affiliate earnings are still expected to be higher than the previous structure.

Fiverr Pro

CPA will now be calculated as 70% of the FTB amount plus 10% RevShare on all other orders, excluding FTB, for 12 months

On Fiverr Pro, we’ll see a transition from a fixed CPA with a spending threshold to a percentage-based CPA with extended revenue sharing. While there is still a CPA cap of $500, affiliates still stand to earn more than the $100 CPA commission from the old structure.

Logo Maker

$30 fixed CPA for the FTB plus 10% RevShare on all other orders, excluding FTB, for 12 months.

Commissions on Logo  Maker orders will become more robust with additional revenue sharing on orders beyond first-time purchases. Compared to the previous commissions that included only a fixed $30 CPA for every Logo Maker order, this new structure definitely gives affiliates more earnings.

For all plans with dynamic CPA, a cap of $500 is set to ensure scalability and fair rewards. In spite of the limit, the new structure still offers higher earning potential for Fiverr affiliates. The revenue sharing system is also more attractive as the 10% RevShare period is reset when a user converts to a Fiverr Business account within 12 months from the FTB.

A Strategic Evolution to Performance-Driven Rewards

The new Fiverr Affiliate Commission Structure ushers a strategic evolution from fixed rates to dynamic, performance-driven calculations. The emphasis on a percentage-based approach rewards affiliates based on buyer behavior. This promotes a more flexible and potentially lucrative system. The introduction of caps and reset mechanisms demonstrates Fiverr’s commitment to fairness and adaptability in the evolving affiliate marketing sector.

For questions or concerns about this new structure, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be more than glad to assist you. To continue reaping the rewards as an affiliate, check our blog for learning resources on running effective campaigns. Start with our rundown of the best affiliate marketing tools and recommendations for optimizing campaign strategies.

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