Drive Revenue with Your Organic Traffic


And finally, what happens when the sales are rolling in, but that revenue just isn’t sticking? For SaaS businesses, this could mean that churn rate is high. And in e-commerce, maybe you’re missing out on those repeat purchases. It’s a really common misconception that marketing stops once a deal closes. But email marketing is a great tactic to use post-sale as well.

Think about automated onboarding journeys for SaaS businesses, using triggers based on whether or not a customer has used a tool in their account and surfacing training materials where they might be unsure. In the same way, you can also use these triggers to listen for non-engagement. If a user hasn’t logged in for 30 days, this is a great opportunity to remind them of the value your tool can bring.

And on the e-commerce side, if you’re selling a product that runs out, like laundry detergent, could you be emailing your customers with a discount code right before they need to repurchase? And finally, referrals. Use automation to continuously monitor satisfaction with your product and reward your most loyal customers in exchange for referring a friend.

I hope this in-a-box toolkit of proven plays has given you some inspiration of ways to get more revenue from your existing organic traffic. I’d love to see how you build on this. Reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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