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‘Deep Links’ Drive Conversion

Learn how to optimize your landing pages and increase affiliate income.

You’re a dedicated affiliate marketer; you plan strategically, put in loads of effort and understand your audience. Your traffic and engagement are solid, and your Fiverr affiliate link clicks are high. So why are you not earning the level of affiliate income you feel you should be earning?  

The answer is in your links.  

Yes – you are sending people to the Fiverr website. But where exactly in the Fiverr website are you sending them?  

Landing Pages & Conversion Rates  

Conversion rates–meaning who buys and who doesn’t–vary wildly based on where visitors land within the Fiverr website.  

Statistics show that users who land on the Fiverr homepage have substantially lower conversion rates. This is because the homepage can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate with too many options to choose from. When visitors cannot immediately see what they came for, they simply leave.   

But we already knew this, didn’t we?   

Think of a time you saw a product while scrolling online that you really liked and really wanted to buy. However, when you clicked the link provided, it took you to the store’s homepage instead of to the product itself. Did you eagerly begin searching the website for the product?  You didn’t.

What about the times when the link provided did take you directly to the item you wanted, and maybe even provided a direct link to purchase the item. Did you buy it?  We know you did.

Choose your niche wisely.

Defining your blog’s mission begins with a niche selection driven by your passion and the value you wish to provide. Choose a topic aligned with your interests and potential products to promote. While general focus areas like health, wealth, and relationships are popular, they’re fiercely competitive. Opting for a hobby niche with specialized knowledge can ease the way.

Craft your blog’s niche by balancing your passion, expertise, and earning potential. Dive deeper into audience problems via platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Quora, and forums to tailor your content effectively. For monetization, consider creating your products, doing affiliate marketing, or placing ads.

Target relevant, profitable segments with solvable problems and explore high-commission, low-refund, well-supported products. Check rivals, keywords, and trends to identify gaps and optimal chances within your chosen niche.

These same principles apply to the Fiverr website.  

If your affiliate links are taking visitors to the Fiverr homepage and just dropping them off at the digital ‘front door’ with no further guidance, the chances of them engaging with the site and making a purchase are low.

However, if you provide a link that takes your visitors to exactly what they are interested in, then your chances of conversion–and affiliate income–increase dramatically.

Deep Links are the Answer

Deep links may sound menacing, but they are simply links to pages deeper within the Fiverr website. At present, only 15% of traffic from Fiverr affiliates lands on pages deeper inside the Fiverr website versus simply to the Fiverr homepage, and this represents countless lost opportunities.  

Website bounce rates (aka users abandoning a website) across the internet already average a whopping 50%. If we want users to engage and stay on the Fiverr site, we have to be committed to giving them exactly what they are looking for.  

The good news is that its easy for you to adjust your existing links and ensure that your traffic lands on a deep Fiverr page, versus only the homepage. By doing so, you can dramatically increase the chances of conversion and affiliate income.

The ‘Category’ Landing Page

Fiverr offers hundreds of types of services, and these are broken down into ten main categories. Each main category is then broken down into subcategories.  

For example, ‘Graphics & Design’ is a main category. Within ‘Graphics & Design’, there are the following 11 subcategories:  

  1. Logo & Brand Identity
  2. Art & Illustration
  3. Web & App Design
  4. Product & Gaming
  5. Print Design
  6. Visual Design
  7. Marketing Design
  8. Packaging & Covers
  9. Architecture & Building Design
  10. Fashion & Merchandise
  11. 3D Design

‘Deep links’ means moving beyond the homepage, into the categories and subcategories.

By making your links deeper, you help the site visitor find exactly what they are looking for.  

When to Use It:  Use a category landing page when your content focuses on a specific skill or job that is covered by a Fiverr category or subcategory. Take some time to explore Fiverr subcategories – we bet you’ll find a bunch that you had no idea were there!  There are so many interesting categories offered by Fiverr, they may even inspire some original content. And finally, note that you may have existing content that could use a category link or two – you’ll never know until you look.

The ‘Gig’ Landing Page

Your Fiverr affiliate link can go even deeper than the categories above and straight into a specific job, or ‘gig’, offered by a Seller.  The gig landing page provides all of the details of a given job offered by a particular Seller, including the package (Basic, Standard and Premium), prices, delivery times and more. The gig landing page features a “Contact Me” button that allows visitors to immediately start a dialogue with a Seller which is an excellent tool to boost conversion.   

When to Use It:  Use a gig landing page when you have some knowledge and/or experience with a particular Seller and a service they offer. Think of this link as a referral – to protect your credibility you will want some familiarity with both the Seller and the specifics of the service they are offering.  

The ‘Seller Profile’ Landing Page

Every Seller on Fiverr has a profile page. Here you will find a summary of the Seller’s qualifications, a listing of all gigs offered, their Fiverr rating and all buyer reviews. The Seller’s profile page gives a feeling of trust as it’s a personal page that provides insight on the seller’s talents and expertise. Because this profile lists all the services offered by this particular person, this is a great landing page when you are not 100% certain on what specific service will be required.  

When to Use It:  Use the profile landing page when you are focusing on broader expertise in a professional versus dealing with only one specific skill or service. If you are looking for a consultant with a broader base of skills or looking to take on a professional who can cover a range of different services, a profile landing page is great for boosting engagement.

The ‘Search Results’ Landing Page

The Fiverr website features a search bar at the top of the page where any term can be searched – even those that are not specific categories or subcategories. The Fiverr search bar can generate a specific search, which you can then use as your affiliate link.  

For example, let’s say I am creating content about pets and I mention wanting a watercolor portrait of my dog. Fiverr certainly does not have a ‘Dog Watercolors’ category. However, by using the search bar, I can see that in the ‘Graphics & Design’ category, and ‘Portraits & Caricatures’ subcategory, there are Sellers offering dog watercolors.  

By taking this search result link and adding it to my pet content as an affiliate link, I have given my readers a clear path to a purchase. This type of clarity and simplicity is what increases conversion and drives affiliate income.   

When to Use It:  Use a search result landing page when you want to give your reader a clear link to a product or service you are discussing in your content. Never leave it to the reader to complete their search when you can do it for them.

Landing Page Tips

Here are some tips for making sure you are using a landing page that drives engagement and conversion.

  • Offer value in the Fiverr link you’ve chosen. Demonstrate that you are familiar with what you are linking to and that it aligns with your content. Position yourself as a reliable resource on the topic so the links and landing pages you use are trusted. Remember that trust naturally translates into higher conversion rates.
  • Link to Fiverr services that align with your interests and expertise. Research the Fiverr website thoroughly identifying products/services that you know and feel comfortable evaluating Sellers’ offerings.
  • Reverse engineer some content. Take time to explore the Fiverr website, identifying some exceptional Fiverr gigs, seller profiles and categories, then create content to specifically highlight these people/services.
  • Make a list of products/services you’ve covered in your existing content. Then use the Fiverr search bar to identify potential links. If you’ve written about it, there is a good chance Fiverr has a matching service or product!    


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