Conversations, an early review… (and the free class)


“I have trained companies to treat people better, and SONG is the guidebook I wished I had when doing this work. Now, I will now give it to the enlightened and brutes alike, with a recommendation to take immediate action. 

Seth Godin has been carefully documenting the end of the industrial revolution and providing new strategies for working in this new world for as long as any of us can remember. With no exception, this is his most important work to date. You must listen and dance to this song now.” 

Anthony Iannarino 

My new book, The Song of Significance, went to #1 on the day we introduced it, but only after a book is in reader’s hands does the word begin to spread. People who talk about it with others, who share it with their co-workers, their boss and their employees.

Or consider the five-pack. It comes with 25 free shareable booklets as a bonus.

Conversations change the culture and conversations change us.

Special link for this week only, for folks who read all the way to the end of the post: My LinkedIn Learning class on the ideas in the new book goes live today, and it’s free today. Use this link to get it. Thank you.

To celebrate the new course and the book, a swarm of upcoming LinkedIn interviews, each with a live Q&A and some door prizes too. Recorded, of course, but I hope you can join us.

Michael Bungay Stanier May 24 (in just a few hours)

Whitney Johnson May 25

Ramon Ray May 30

Dorie Clark May 31

Anthony Iannarino June 1

Baratunde Thurston June 2

Charlie Gilkey June 6


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