But it matters a lot to them…


To get to the Kebab House Cafe, you’ll need to drive past a dozen fast food restaurants, restaurants you can find off just about any interstate. It’s certainly less convenient to go a few blocks off the beaten path, but the food and service and vibe might be worth it.

The thing is, it matters even more to them. The folks that work there, the ones who are building something they’re proud of. It matters to the unique ones, to the ones that are trying harder than the others, to the folks who create interesting and memorable experiences.

And it’s not just one cafe. When a musician, a playwright or an entrepreneur takes a risk, they’re betting someone will care enough to hear them and engage with them. They do the work because they care, not because someone handed them a manual.

The best part is that when it matters to them, it might matter even more to us.

If we want to have the option of choosing something that isn’t in the ordinary course of convenient and cheap, we need to show up for the people who bring it to us.

Working with people who want to work with us is a privilege and a delight.

We get what we support.


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