A small shopping list (floss and more)

Here are some books and household items that I wanted to share. I’m mostly into audiobooks these days–a good narrator combined with a good author is pretty rare and wonderful…

It turns out that a breakthrough rice cooker is a bargain, even if it seems expensive at first. The Cuckoo is an extraordinary device. It comes in many shapes and colors, most of them will not be to your taste, but persist until you find one.

Nasty, Brutish and Short, is the most accessible and fun book on philosophy you’ll encounter this year.

King: A Life, is a clear and direct biography of one of our greatest citizens.

My friend Nicole has written a provocative, funny and honest memoir. Nothing Is Missing: A Memoir of Living Boldly. I’ll be interviewing her in NYC on October 9.

Unsurprisingly, the best gluten-free pasta in the world comes from Italy.

Herbie Hancock’s autobiography is worthwhile even if you’re not a jazz fan. An honest look at a creative’s journey.

No, I’m not an expert on dental floss, but not only is this biodegradable (most competitors are made of plastic) but it actually seems to work a lot better.

Dan Ariely’s book Misbelief is a must-listen for anyone trying to understand how social dynamics are changing the way some people see the world.

There are two kinds of kitchens: happy ones with air fryers, and the holdouts that have let their skepticism get in the way. I hardly ever use my oven anymore. I’m not sure it matters which brand you buy.

Years later, Kafka on the Shore remains one of my favorite all-time audiobooks. It’s an extraordinary story, beautifully told.

The Song of Significance has led to more heartfelt emails to me than any book I’ve ever written. And my calendar pre-sold so well they’ve just asked me to write a new edition. None of this would be possible without you. Thanks to everyone who supports the work of authors and musicians and creators…

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